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Spa Pool and Swim Spas Testimonials

We survey all our customers - 98.04% are satisfied or very satisfied
with their Vortex spa pool or swim spa.


I love swimming in my Vortex swim spa. It has all the benefits of training in a lap pool but takes up a fraction of the space. I can use it year round and best of all, it's got all the benefits of a spa pool as well. Great job Vortex!
Pete Evans - Cook and Love with Laughter!
Now we have our Vortex Spa we couldn't imagine not having it.
One of the first things that we decided for our house on 'The Block NZ' is that we were going to get Spa pool. And it was on the very last week that we got our amazing Vortex spa delivered. 

After 12 weeks of hard slog all we wanted to do was to get in that spa and relax! But we worked our butts off till the very last minute and never got the pleasure of it! So after leaving 'The Block' and getting back to our home in Feilding, we were still dreaming of that spa - so we decided to get one for ourselves! 

We thought it would be great to have for get togethers with our friends, but we have actually found ourselves using it everyday - And now that winter is here it's perfect! We can sit out the the deck every evening under the stars - or in the rain (which is my favourite!) It really warms you from the inside. Now we have our Vortex Spa we couldn't imagine not having it. 
It's our everyday treat! 
Jo & Damo
Winners - The Block Peoples Choice Award
Vortex Spas are very proud to support the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust. We gave away a Mercury Spa Pool for the silent auction and raised a whopping $13,000 to be put towards the fight to walk again.

Pictured: Rajesh Bhatia, Director of Vortex Spas, Zara Phillips MBE and Royal patron and Andrew Pullen, Managing Director of Vortex Spas.
CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust

Peaking off our new Vortex Spa Pool. So excited to be able to relax in this whenever we want and have friends over to enjoy the experience with us. Even the dogs lining up to get in…


If you are looking for a spa pool or swim spa in Auckland, give Vortex a call.

Alice & Caleb - Vortex Novus Spa Pool Auckland (2013 winners of NZ's most popular "DIY' TV show)
We would like to thank Vortex Spas for their kind donation
We would like to thank Vortex Spas for their kind donation of a hydrotherapy spa pool for future use by our patients.

The relief it will bring will be a positive contribution towards their quality of life at a difficult time.
Frans Dellebeke
Nelson Hospice
Since buying my new Xenon spa pool from Vortex Spas I have become the best Dad in the world and have some very happy children. We are a family of 6 and we can all fit in the spa no problem at all. So it has been used a lot already and become a very social family activity for us that we can do together. 

To be honest it exceeded my expectations of what I thought I was buying from the website and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Definite the best range of spa pools and swim spas in Auckland
Dillon Boucher
Vortex Xenon Spa Pool Auckland : Basketball legend!
With a maximum bench press in excess of 230kg, I have to train very hard, very regularly. Relaxing in my Vortex Spa after training helps to sooth tired muscles, ease pain and relax weary joints. I can highly recommend the use of a Vortex Spa Pool or swim spa for post workout recovery, whatever your exercise regime.
Alex Douglas - Vortex Cerium Spa Pool Wellington : Champion Powerlifter and Commonwealth Gold Medal
As a world champion body builder, I constantly push my body to the limit. My Vortex spa assists with relaxation and recovery after my workouts and improve the general well-being of my entire family. I looked around before purchasing my Vortex spa and no other spa offered better performance and value.
Mark Anderson
Mr Universe NABBA
I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending a Vortex spas.
Hi Andrew
Thanks for the email
I am very happy with the new spa pool and was very impressed with the work done by your installer who travelled from Auckland to install the spa.

I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending a Vortex spas.

Garry Wycherley
"Don't ever doubt how effective a swim spa is for training! I have just completed a 12 hour continuous swim in a Vortex Swim Spa as a lead up to an English Channel Swim attempt and can not praise the product enough. Easy to use and suitable for all levels of fitness. Thanks for an amazing experience Vortex!"
Luke Hill - www.hillfamilychannelswim.com
highly recommend Vortex above other companies I have dealt with
My enquiry to Vortex received an immediate response with some options. Andrew responded the same day by showing me the range at a nearby location, and also came on a site visit immediately.

A quotation was sent with some options for me to consider. All my questions were fully answered, including checking out some regulatory issues.

The spa was ready when promised, and in fact Vortex held on to it for several weeks while the site was prepared. They then delivered on time with excellent installation support.

Andrew personally followed up to check that all was OK. I am thoroughly delighted with the spa and the service and support, and highly recommend Vortex above other companies I have dealt with.
Ian Williams
Im a fussy customer and I seriously have nothing to fault
Thanks for your note Andrew,

We are super happy with the end to end service and the product -the timing with this weather couldn’t be better.

Im a fussy customer and I seriously have nothing to fault


Friendly, efficient and most helpful
Hi Andrew

Yes, our spa was delivered and installed on Monday. 

Frank was on time, with explanations about use and maintenance of the spa.

Our communication with Patrick at Fieldays and subsequent to that in arranging the purchase was excellent. Having investigated other brands we are very happy to have chosen Vortex as it seems to be great value for money.

The spa is wonderful and we are enjoying it very much.


Kathleen & Bruce
Proudly supporting the Special Children’s Xmas party
On behalf of the children and families who attended the party we would like to extend our personal thanks!
Tim Ellis
Event Manager- Special Children’s Christmas Party
I have to say the experience of purchasing a vortex spa was the second best customer service experience I've ever received. The follow-up is excellent the driver who delivered it was one of the best I've ever run across, the checking and signing to prove that we've seen and been trained is an excellent safety net for both you and the customer. And your general manager, Patrick I believe, was prepared to make decisions and be decisive which is something most people cannot do. I had two conversations with him over a period of two weeks and we made the decision on the second conversation.
I am suitably impressed with all the aspects of your website with the possible exception I struggled to find out what colour was available in spa as the names were given but the colours were all black in the images, but I found it eventually. 
I would rate the experience 10 out of 10 particularly as I even believe I received value for my expenditure. I'm a hard bastard to please, particularly when it comes to spending money but I was in the spa last night after heating for only less than 10 hours and it was at 40° sensational.
I will be reviewing this experience and the aspects of it so as to enhance the experience with convex and my customers. Selling plastic bags and packaging can be somewhat boring, but personally I love it. Well done and congratulations on an excellent experience.
And yes I will find you on Facebook and recommend you to everyone I see.
Communications has been top notch through-out
Thanks Andrew,

Spa is great and getting used everyday at the moment.

I was extremely happy with the whole process from pre-purchase right through to install.  Communications has been top notch through-out. There was some damage to 1 small strip on the front of the spa - the installer noticed this, and said he sort it out, and I've been emailed about saying its on order.  The installer was great also, especially for a one-man band.

I also used the support email address with a technical question on a setting, and got the exact answer I needed to fix the problem.

Great product and great service - thanks very much.
Our new toy!
Our new toy!, we all use it every night and it has 60 hydrotherapy jets, aromatherapy led lights and uses about 70 cents of power a day.

Great for Ryan's back, the boys after their sports and a spa before bed knocks them out. And a glass of wine in the spa beats a glass of wine on the couch any day 
It is great and we love it so.
Attached are a few photos of our spa pool, since we have had it it has had a lot of use.
It is great and we love it so.

I could not have asked for any better service
Hello Andrew 

I purchased a spa from your sale, Patrick was most helpful along with the sales lady. It was a great experience. 

We did have a bit of an issue with get the wrong delivery date, but Coleen was wonderful and sorted the delivery that day! Frank came and delivered the spa after hours and was also great to deal with. 

I could not have asked for any better service end to end, and look forward to dealing with your team going forward. 

Kind regards
A must have in our daily life, aches and pains just float away
Father and sons after a hard day helping dad build his garage relaxing and in heaven sitting in a Vortex mercury spa enjoying a hard earned beer. 
Only had our Vortex spa since February 2015 and is now a must have in our daily life, aches and pains just float away. 

P.S. Please forward your best quote for supply of two Vortex mercury spas identical to mine 
Steps /cover/uv, both my sons would like one each.
Mike and Dawn
The entire process ... was fantastic.
Good day Andrew,
In March I purchased an Eon Avante spa at the North Shore , Auckland home show.  I only required delivery in mid-June to a new property which I had purchased in Tauranga. The entire process from initial order with Michelle,  interim dealing with Sandy Lawrence to delivery by Frank yesterday was fantastic. All are a credit to Vortex. 
I was amazed that only one person was able to complete the delivery on their own , but Frank had the process down to a “T”. My order included stainless steel jets and some were the incorrect size. Frank made arrangements with Colleen to have the remaining one’s delivery via courier and as promised they were received this morning.  
Vortex Spas still made a way where there was no way.
Although there was no access to my back yard from the road, Andrew from Vortex Spas still made a way where there was no way.

He had the spa delivered by towing it onto the beach, across a stream and over the harbour flats when the tide was out until he was outside our place. He then drove up the sand onto the grass and across the park until outside my place. He then moved the spa from his truck to the location below.

Outstanding service!

Thanks Andrew. The location is too good to be true. I call it outrageous decadence.

Raechel & I love it. Thanks.
Greg and Raechel
Hi Andrew,
I would just like to say fantastic spa AND ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC SERVICE especially Sandy she is a legend, also the installers Jack and Frank.  It is a great team you have there.

Thanks again 

Kind Regards one very very happy customer
Tracy Knox
One very happy wife
Hi Andrew Thanks for your follow up email. There were a number of reasons we went with Vortex for our choice of spa pool and were so happy with that choice: Your website is brilliant. It is informative, easy to navigate and slick. None of your competitors have anything close to it. Your facebook page, which was what initially brought your brand to our attention. Good content and interaction with your followers and regular updating of it. Your midwinter sale caught our eye with the deals available The prompt response from Niesha, and excellent service The backup service from Sandy organising the payment and delivery. The site delivery from your contractor Mike @ Pooltech. These guys were brilliant. Nothing was a problem. They set the pool up and gave us a really good introduction on how to use it and maintain it. We have already accessed the after sales service to tweak the settings on the spa and been very happy with the results. Lastly and most importantly we are very happy with the purchase. It is exactly what we were expecting. One very happy wife (as per attached picture) Kind regards
Ben Larter
I cannot recommend highly enough
We thought you might like to see our view we enjoy from our Vortex Mercury spa which was installed in March 2015. Many thanks to Niesha for her help!

It took a while for us to make up our minds that Vortex was the brand for us, and I cannot recommend highly enough how delighted we are with the product.

Great job done by Frank. He went through the setting up with us and filled and made sure everything was going well before leaving.
Hi Andrew,

We cant say enough about how grateful we are for the effort to lower the pool over the neighbours fence.

Frank with my husband Trevor delivered and supervised the crane to get the spa into our enclosed yard from the neighbours and installing which went without a hitch.

Great job done by Frank. He went through the setting up with us and filled and made sure everything was going well before leaving.

We are very pleased with the spa pool and enjoy a soak almost every evening.

The office was very helpful and kept us informed with the progress of it being delivered. Many thanks to everyone at Vortex who were involved.

I would certainly recommend Vortex Spas to anyone looking to buy a pool.
Trevor and Coral Keoghan
– Slow
Best thing we ever did for family time.
We love our Vortex Spa. Best thing we ever did for family time. 
Pip Llewellyn
My wife and I purchased a spa pool at the National Field Days in 2014.

Although we checked out all the spas at the Field Days we settled on Vortex due to the professionalism of the staff and the service we received. They promised the spa by a set date and it arrived on time and big Frank installed and talked us through the operating of the spa.

We have enjoyed the spa over the last 12 months sipping wine and watching the sun go down on Mount Maunganui.
Fieldays visiter
Mount Maunganui.
[Vortex] provided all the information I needed to make an informed choice
Thanks Vortex

I have to say to you and your staff, it has
been a pleasure.  Had never had a spa before but my enquires to you provided all the information I needed to make an informed choice.  The office staff kept me updated on progress and delivery and installation was very professional and well equipt.  

"Jack" your frontline man needs to be
recognised. He was very good at explaining everything and getting things up and running.  He was on time and contacted me prior to delivery.  

Enjoying now, every day, twice sometimes.
Michelle Clark
Thank you Sandy.
Also can I just say the service received from Jack yesterday was exceptional. Not only was he friendly but did a superb and careful job in installing the spa, he was very informative and professional in his demonstration to both Aaron and I. He knew the product well and gave us many handy tips which left us feeling confident and happy with the whole experience!
He is a great asset and face for Vortex, so please pass on our thanks again to him.
We will be highly recommending your company to anyone interested. Thanks so much to you all.
Kindest regards 
Kym and Aaron
We’d recommend Vortex without reservation.
Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your mail.  We’re loving it and based on our experience so far we’d recommend Vortex without reservation.

We choose Vortex based on the features and guarantee.  The sales person we dealt with (Niesha) was knowledgeable and passionate without being pushy and our experience with the delivery team was positive and professional. 

Warm regards,
We can't speak highly enough about our Vortex spa
We ummmed and ahhhed for a long time about getting a spa pool, but now we can't imagine life without it! From the kids having an after-school splash, to a post-exercise jet-blast, to a soak under the stars with a glass of wine - we have used our spa every single day since we purchased it eight months ago.

We can't speak highly enough about our Vortex spa, and recommend Vortex to everyone we know.
I would highly recommend Vortex Spas to any body considering buying a spa
I would highly recommend Vortex Spas to any body considering buying a spa. From our first inquiry the friendly professional service...

To the spa being delivered and set up within 3 days... The setting up and showing us how easy to keep spa

..and knowing that there is great back up service team available is great.. We are thrilled with our spa.  Thank you 
Dawn Spiertz
Thank You Very Much from a Very Happy Customer
Good morning Colleen, I just wanted to send you a thank you email.

Myself and Jan have been away for a few days, and returned to find out a technician had rang home (my brother was here) and had been around and fixed it :) Many thanks. Was nothing serious, just needed some rubber grease on it apparently.. and works great now. 

Again many thanks for helping get this sorted. I would also like to say I have been very impressed with the service we have received from your company from day one.

Your delivery man was brilliant and I sent and email to say thank you then. I ordered sanitiser online, and it was here the next day, and now this small issue solved :) I expected a delay getting this sorted honestly, only because we live in Te Aroha and I knew there would be nobody close by to come and have a look, but that didn't happen.

So thank you very much from a very happy customer! 

Very professional and very helpful
Thank you for your email.  Yes, I am very happy with my new Vortex Spa.  I would like to mention an outstanding staff member Jack (the delivery guy) you have on your team. 

There was a change to me delivery by bring the delivery bought forward to the night before which was not a problem.  He was very professional and very helpful.  He came back the next night and finished off our installation of the cover arm and ran us through the settings.

Jack is a great face for your company.

Hi Niesha, as discussed on the phone today I want to complement the team at Vortex Spas for the excellent customer service we have experienced from purchasing to installation. We bought the spa in June and were very happy with your advice and assistance in purchasing the Cobalt spa as we tried to decide between the various models.

Communication pre-delivery was very good and the service we got from Frank today who delivered and installed the spa was exceptional. He was very friendly, polite and professional and showed excellent knowledge of the product which he explained clearly and concisely. Now we are looking forward to using it!
Dave Collins
Hi Julie,   The Spa is awesome we are very happy!  

The whole team were very efficient and easy to deal with, Frank made the delivery and set up run very smoothly.  

Thank you guys I will definitely recommend Vortex Spas.   Do we need to fill in the warranty card? Or will keeping the invoice suffice for the warranty.
Suzy Ireland
I just wanted to send you a Thank You email. Your delivery man, Jack, turned up on time, and was very professional offering a great service..

I have been an Employer and an Employee, I am very aware how important it is for a company to have good people on the Front line.  Jack was helpful and informative. These qualities, when it comes to customers service, are hard to find in staff. Please pass on to Jack how impressed I was with his standard of service.

I'm sure from experience, he didn't think he did anything out of the ordinary... But he did offer Great service and I was very impressed and think he would be pleased to hear his and your customers really do appreciate it, when they receive good service.

 I am looking forward to trying out our new pool, and if the quality of the product is as good as the service.. I'll be a very happy customer and will be endorsing your product at all available circumstances. 
Scott Sharpe
Nothing short of amazing
I just wanted to say that this has been a great sales experience.  The installer was nothing short of amazing.  He made this look easy and he really took the time to go over how to get it set up.  He also made sure we had telephone numbers in case we need them.

I did compare Vortex with the local retailer and gave the retailer on more than one occasion the opportunity to tell me why his product/service was better.  All that he said was that you get what you pay for.  While initially I was annoyed, clearly I did with Vortex.

Below are a couple of pictures.  The installer is going to show Patrick how close it was to wall.   No issues and pretty cool to watch.

I really would like to say that everyone has been thorough.  All of my questions were answered and I appreciated the attention to detail including the site visit.  We are waiting for the electrician to install the receptacle and we will be away.

Thank you. My son will be purchasing a spa in the next few months and he will be purchasing from Vortex.

Ginny Buell
Hi Andrew,

We received our replacement spa today and we would like to say thanks for honouring your warranty.

Frank who delivered the spa was wonderful, what an asset for your company, we will certainly be recommending Vortex spa's to all our friends.

Thanks again.
Mike and Dawn
Hi Sandy
I just want to say a big thank you for the new spa pool.  
We can't thank you enough for the great service we have received from Vortex.
Once we sell this house, we will be ordering a new spa for ourselves at our new property and can't recommend Vortex highly enough.
Kind regards
Kirsten & Geoff
Hi Andrew.
Yes our spa arrived last week and we are so pleased with it!
The guy that delivered was very friendly, helpful and talked me through everything, it was great.

I'd also like to thank you, you were also very friendly and helpful and we are stoked with the bargain we got.

Thanks again 
Fixed, returned and fitted by your contractor with out a fuss
After building a deck at our house, I went looking for a spa to relax in after a hard days work.

I originally bought a Hot Springs pool. However, we had nothing but trouble with it, from the delivery to the day to day running, it was costing us around $200.00 extra per month for power. After lots of talks and tests on the spa they could not come up with any reasons for the excessive power consumption. They just collected it and after a few weeks they simply said they were refunding me the total cost of the spa. We were then left without a spa to relax and enjoy.

I went to the 2014 Fieldays with my usual list including a spa pool. I went to all the spa stalls and decided on a Vortex pool. Although it doesn't have as many bells and whistles, it has been used continually ever since its arrival.  A few problems with the fitted lid, i.e. the tie points in the wrong place, was fixed, returned and fitted by your contractor with out a fuss.
We both really enjoy our spa and sit most nights with a few beers and a glass or two of wine and just think how lucky we are.

Thank you Vortex.
Mike and Lynda.
We are very happy with the spa.
Thanks Andrew, We are very happy with the spa. We chose Vortex as it seemed like good value for money with a high spec spa, which is visually much nicer than many on the market. Not great access here but the delivery team coped admirably. So far no glitches! Regards,
We’re really pleased with our spa, the look, the quality of workmanship, its a abilities, the lot.
Hi Andrew Thank you for your email. I was just thinking this morning about the process we’ve gone through to get our much awaited spa, how effortless it was. I’m a huge fan of online shopping so when we stumbled across Vortex’s website in our search I couldn’t believe how informative and detailed it was, which is why we choose Vortex and of course its reasonable pricing. The whole process from ordering to delivery has just been great. Neisha sent a lovely first contact email after our initial enquiry, then we probably had two more emails to follow before we took ownership of our spa and now yours, which is perfect. We’re a busy young family so taking 5 minutes out to discuss something on the phone is not ideal for me so contact via email suited perfectly. Mike the delivery guy offered a fantastic service delivering the spa, they were very well rehearsed in getting the spa off the truck and into place. Great to see such efficiency and speed. I would most definitely recommend Vortex to friends and family if they were thinking about purchasing a new spa. You guys rock! The whole family managed to squeeze into the spa yesterday, (we are a family of 6) so it was a squeeze! But it was wonderful to see the kids in it splashing about. My husband and I are looking forward to some cooler nights when we can get in there without the children and relax. I’ll be sure to post a photo on the Facebook page of the family enjoying it. Thanks so much for your email. We’re really pleased with our spa, the look, the quality of workmanship, its a abilities, the lot. So pleased we choose Vortex - too easy! Kind regards,
I can't fault anything from ordering at the home show on the Thursday to prompt delivery the following Tuesday
Hi Andrew, I am enjoying the vortex spa very much so! I can't fault anything from ordering at the home show on the Thursday to prompt delivery the following Tuesday. Frankie and his team were professional and courteous and explained everything very well when setting up the spa. I found out later that my brother had purchased the exact same model at the fieldays! Regards
Johnny Aarts
He was great. Very helpful. Can’t thank him enough.
Hi Sandy, Jack arrived the time he had stated and proceeded to set up the spa. He was great. Very helpful. Can’t thank him enough. Regards Mark
Love all the features and sanitizing system.
Thanks for your email Andrew My wife and I looked at a lot of different options. We kept coming back to the classier looking vortex. Love all the features and sanitizing system. Seat layout and jet positions were important to us. And we found that in vortex spas. The customer service has been great so far. The spa arrived with some damage to the bottom edge of the cladding a puncture hole in the under side of the cover and one jet missing a back light led The staff at vortex are in the process of fixing these small but frustrating faults. Hopefully all will be resolved and I will be able to give my 100% vortex recommendation to everyone who asks. I will keep you posted.
We are thrilled with the Spa, it is all we imagined and hoped for.
Hi Andrew, Thanks for the email. We are thrilled with the Spa, it is all we imagined and hoped for. The delivery went smoothly and although I can't recall the delivery man's name he was fantastic. I will get a photo to post, maybe of the grandchildren enjoying it! Thanks

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