Aquagym Swim Spa

Our most compact swim spa that retains all the bells and whistles.
3.98 x 2.31 x 1.30m
6,250 ltr
Weight (full)
7,200 kg
Up to 60
Spec Sheet

36 months Interest Free
On ALL Avante spas & swim spas

Is the Aquagym for you?

The Aquagym is where the Vortex swim spa experience begins. This is a compact, single zone swim spa that still has room for all the usual bells and whistles that are now synonymous with Vortex swim spas.

The Aquagym Pro has comfortable seating for three adults, up to 60 jets, two high volume swim jets and 2 pumps. After a swimming work-out you can relax in the spa and choose from a back massage seat, a neck and shoulder massage seat or the often used cool down seat. The corners at the swim end also offer standing back massages to speed recovery from intense training sessions. The Aquagym Pro swim spa is the ideal way to combine personal training with total relaxation.

Aquagym seat layout

Seats 3 adults in the most compact Vortex
swim spa available.

Aquagym Gallery

Get the best, upgrade to Avanté.

Aquagym Pro Standard

$ 26,999
  • Your choice of colours
  • Free depot delivery
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Aquagym Pro Avanté

$ 31,999
36 Months
Interest Free *
  • Your choice of colours
  • Free depot delivery
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Hydroflow bearing-less jets
  • Hydroglow jet topside control lighting
  • Backlit drink holders
  • Perimeter and cabinet lighting
  • Purezone UV water purifier
  • Backlit laminar jets
  • Dual layer insulation
  • Permaframe construction
  • 8.8kw Hybrid heat pump

Spa now, pay later

Finance your Vortex Aquagym Pro swim spa and get all the benefits of ownership today.

*Weekly from
$ 205.75

* Normal lending criteria apply. Price calculated per week over 36 months

The perfect temperature, all year.


Aquagym Jet Layout

Aquagym Pro

Standard jets

  • 2 x 150mm High Volume Swim Jets
  • 2 x 127mm Directional Spinning Jets
  • 3 x 127mm Single Spinning Jets
  • 2 x 75mm Directional Jets
  • 10 x 50mm Directional Jets
  • 4 x 50mm Twin Spinner Jets
  • 14 x 40mm Air Jets

Your perfect training partner.

Compare swim spa models

Swim Jet Options

Swim Zone Options

The Aquagym swim spa is available in four swim options. All models have exactly the same seating layout and features, the only difference is the number of swim jets in the swim resistance zone and the overall number of pumps.

2,400 litres of force

Each individual swim jet is capable of driving 600 litres of water per minute into the swim zone. That's up to a massive 2,400 litres per minute!

Swim zone models

The Aquagym Plunge has no swim jets and a single pump. The Aquagym Pro has two powerful swim jets and two pumps, while the Pro Plus has three swim jets and three pumps and the Aquagym Extreme is the ultimate with four powerful swim jets and four pumps.
Note: The electrical requirements for each model are: Plunge 15amp, Pro and Pro Plus 32amp, and Extreme 45amp.


Zero swim jets
1 water pump
Swim Flow
Zero swim jets
- $ 1,000


2 swim jets
2 water pumps
Swim Flow
1,200 lpm
2 swim jets
+ $ 0.00

Pro Plus

3 swim jets
3 water pumps
Swim Flow
1,800 lpm
3 swim jets
+ $ 1,000


4 swim jets
4 water pumps
Swim Flow
2,400 lpm
4 swim jets
+ $ 2,000

Delicious Colour

Contemporary palette

Our contemporary colour palette is hand selected from the latest Australasian home design fashions. Created to please those with the most discerning tastes looking for intelligent colour solutions.

Relax and unwind.

Light everywhere

Vortex Spas Hydroglow lighting system has become the envy of all others. Our innovative use of LED has changed the way spa pools are being lit. Now, thanks to Hydroglow it's very easy to have your swim spas light match your colourful personality.

Aquavibe Sound System

Optional Added Feature
Set the mood instantly with our fully integrated
 and totally invisible Aquavibe sound system.

Our invisible, state of the art transducer speaker system leaves the spa surfaces clear of obstacles and reduces moving parts. This leaves you with nothing but sweet tunes and zero maintenance. Our invisible speakers are matched with a powerful sub-woofer to give you that extra growl. Spend time deeply immersed in music that matches your hydrotherapy mood.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth allows easy connection to the Aquavibe sound system. Use the Aquavibe control pad  to select your tunes and there's no need to ever touch your smart phone.

Perfectly located

Both the Aquavibe controls and the dock are convienently located on your spa. This guarantees easy access whether you're in or out of your spa.

3.5mm connection

Don’t have blue tooth but still want to connect? No problem. The 3.5mm jack's the most popular audio connector and you’ll find it located within the phone dock.

Smart phone protection

Obviously spa pools are wet areas. Your Aquavibe sound system includes a smart phone 'splash proof dock' to protect your valuable device.

Entertain friends and family.

Additional Features

Additional features

Vortex Spas are packed with industry leading features. Take a closer look and see for yourself why
Vortex Spas are the best value, high quality spas available anywhere in the world.

Crystal clear water

Minimal chemicals, maximum comfort

Protect your family from unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals.

Vortex Spas feature advanced water treatment technologies that work together in tandem with a light chemical boost to keep your water crystal clear and healthy.

The Purezone clean water system

Purezone Micro Filtration

Purezone Ozone Water Clarifier

Purezone U/V Purifier

Childs play, all day.

Good for your budget, great for the planet

High on features, low on running costs

We believe a spa should fit your budget, not take ALL your budget. That is why we have designed your Vortex Spa to operate efficiently and effectively with minimal heating and cleaning costs

The Vortex temperature control system

Green Technology

Vortex are in sync with todays' green electronic technologies. We take advantage of smart meters. These react and recall your behaviour, they then tune to the most efficient daily operating procedure for you. 

Premium Insulation

All Vortex spas feature perimeter insulation that's designed to minimise heat loss. Optional insulation packs can be added that will increase the overall efficiency of your spa.

Hybrid Heating

A conventional spa heater turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 1 kilowatt of heat. Our Hybrid Heat Pump turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 5 kilowatts of heat. This gives you up to 4 kilowatts of heat for FREE!


Vortex means quality

Guaranteed to last so you can relax

We focus on quality. From the initial design and construction process, through to every individual swim spa leaving our factory. This focus allows us to confidently stand behind every swim spa we make. Our warranties are the envy of the spa industry.

Structural shell warranty

Unbelievably, most spa pool structural warranties are pro-rata. This means they reduce in value as the spa ages. Leading to hefty costs if your spa's shell structure fails in the latter part of it's warranty.

Vortex Spa's structural warranty is non pro-rata. So if your swim spa's shell structure fails anytime within the 10 year warranty, we replace it. No questions asked.

Acrylic surface warranty

All Vortex swim spa's are offered with a 5 year 'non pro-rata acrylic surface warranty. Our high quality acrylic surface warranty guarantees against any surface blisters that result in water loss for five years.

Vortex Spa's structural warranty is non pro-rata. So if your swim spa's shell structure fails anytime within the 10 year warranty, we replace it. No questions asked.

Jet warranty

Whilst it is possible to produce the spa's jets and other plastic components using a quantity of reused plastics, it is difficult to guarantee their fundamental quality. 

Vortex Spa jets are produced using the highest grade 'virgin' plastics. This ensures the longest possible life span. This is why we can give you an industry leading, 5 year jet replacement warranty.

Plumbing & heater warranty

The plumbing system of all Vortex swim spas is warranted against leaking for 5 years.

The heater is also warranted against defects for a period of 5 years.

Pump & equipment warranty

The circulation pump, jet pump(s) and electronic control system of all Vortex swim spas are warranted against defects for 2 years.

*For full warranty details please contact your local store. Find Vortex Spa's closest store here.