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    Vortex Aquagym Max™

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    • Seating 4
    • Dimensions 4.49 x 2.31 x 1.3/1.5m
    • Jets Up to 81

    Why choose the Aquagym Max™?

    The Aquagym Max™ is the ultimate mid-sized, single-zone swim spa and provides similar features and functionality as our smaller Aquagym™ model, however, the Aquagym Max™ is longer which provides a larger swim zone and it features the famous Vortex™ hydrotherapy lounger.


    Check out the top 6 features of the Vortex Aquagym Max™.

    Seating for up to 4 adults

    The Aquagym Max Pro comfortably seats four adults. The seating arrangements in the Aquagym Max include a hydrotherapy lounger, a neck and shoulder therapy seat and 2 back massage seats that provides a welcome and refreshing space during your hydrotherapy or training sessions.

    Our large, fully featured, single zone swim spa.

    The Aquagym Max™ measures 4.49 by 2.31 metres. It is a true, single-zone, swim spa. Its generous size allows a swim zone and hydrotherapy spa area to share the same space. The Aquagym Max™ is available in either the standard 1.3 depth or the XD (Extra Depth) version which is 1.5 metres deep.

    1 hydrotherapy lounger

    What better way to unwind after a great workout than relaxing in a fully jetted hydrotherapy lounger? A combination of air and hydrotherapy jets ensures your entire body gets a massage, from your shoulders to your feet. This is true relaxation, Aquagym Max™ style.

    1 shoulder and neck therapy seat.

    If you feel stress and tension in your shoulders, you'll love the shoulder and neck therapy seat in the Aquagym Max™. Four massaging jets are embedded within the therapy collar, combine this with the seat jets and you have a sublime hydrotherapy massage that focuses on your problem area. Perfection.

    Back massage seat

    Whether it's lower, middle or upper back the back massage seats in the Aquagym Max™ is designed to reach the entire area. At one time or another, most of us experience discomfort or a tight back, this is where the Aquagym Max™ excels and allows you to just sit back and relax. Proving this swim spa is not just for exercise.

    Cool down seat

    Crafted for elevated seating to provide a cooling effect or for a shallower seat suitable for children.

    Gallery Image

    Hydroflow™ stainless steel jets (Avanté) (2024 models)

    Hydroflow™ Stainless Steel jets use the famous Vortex™ jet design which provides a premium massage.

    Gallery Image

    Purezone AOS™ Water Care System (2024 Models)

    Purezone AOS™ is an auto-cleaning system for spa pools, using UV-Ozone tech to clean water and kill bacteria, making upkeep easier. This system is offered for Vortex™ Spas and Swim Spas starting in 2023. You can buy it with your spa or add it on later.

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    Hydroglow™ backlit jets and topside controls (Avanté) Aquagym Max

    Chromotherapy uses colours to create an environment focused on health and harmony. Hydroglow™ backlit jets and topside control lighting provide an adjustable and variable Chromotherapy experience.

    ClearLift™ Automatic Cover (Optional)

    ClearLift™, a patent-pending, motorized system, makes lifting heavy swim spa covers effortless with just a key turn. Each Vortex Spa comes with a durable cover that insulates and blocks dirt, debris, and unsupervised access by kids. Traditional covers are bulky, up to 1m x 2.3m and over 15kg. ClearLift™ offers quick, easy spa access, enhancing your usage and enjoyment. It's available as an optional upgrade.

    Premium SpaNet™ controller (2024 models)

    The SpaNet SV Series controller is designed to maximise energy savings and deliver the lowest possible daily operating cost for your spa using PowerSmart™ technology like Dynamic Thermal Tuning and SmartFiltration™.

    Hydroglow™ backlit laminar jets (Avanté)

    Laminar jets create perfect streams of backlit water giving a gentle visual display. The jets operate independently of the hydrotherapy jets, so they can be turn your spa into an impressive light display in your backyard.

    Tranquil water feature

    There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water. Add a touch of light and you have created the perfect sanctuary to be rested and mindful.

    Drink holder and optional speaker holder

    It’s important to stay hydrated while in your spa. Our backlite coasters illuminate your drink and help reduce accidental spills. Included in Avante upgrade.

    Hydroglow™ perimeter and cabinet lighting (Avanté)

    The additional lighting to the water edge and functional outside lighting are included with the perimeter and cabinet lighting package. All lighting is customisable to suit your mood.

    Automatic aromatherapy dispenser (Avanté)

    Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being and enhance both physical and emotional health. The adjustable Vortex™ Aromatherapy system automatically injects Aromatherapy scent into the spa water.

    Spa health indicator light (2024 models)

    The Vortex™ Spa health indicator light is designed to communicate the spa’s condition to spa user without having to lift the cover. The indicator lights up blue to show it is at the correct temperature, red to indicate a water temperature fluctuation over 5°C, or a fault.

    SpaNet™ variable output heater

    The SpaNet™ SV Series has a variable output heater. Unlike most controllers, this means when the spa's jet pump is turned on, the heater turns DOWN rather than OFF. This has the benefit of maintaining the spa's temperature while you are using it, rather than cooling it down.

    SpaNet™ integrated heat pump interface (Optional)

    If you want to save up to 75% on your spa heating cost, you can choose the optional SpaNet™ Hybrid Heat Pump. This integrated system is plug and play with the SV controller.

    Audio and Wifi Kit (Optional)

    The 2024 Vortex Spas™ WiFi Audio Kit upgrade allows remote spa control and streaming of music or podcasts through high-definition speakers and a subwoofer, all from your smart device.

    Contemporary colour palette.

    Our contemporary colour palette is hand selected from the latest home design fashions. Created to please those with the most discerning tastes looking for intelligent colour solutions.

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    Shell Colours

    Sterling Silver
    Pearl Shadow

    Cabinet Colours

    Coastal Grey
    Coastal Grey

    *Disclaimer: The 3D and AR models may show additional extras. Actual colours may differ from renders.

    Compare models

    The Aquagym Max™ comes in eight variations. There are two hights for each model, 1.3 or 1.5M. Each has exactly the same seating layout and features. However, the swim resistance zone has additional jets in the Pro, Pro+ and Extreme.

    Note: The electrical requirements for each model are: Plunge 15amp, Pro and Pro+ 32amp, and Extreme 45amp.

    Aquagym Max Plunge™

    Aquagym Max Plunge™

    The Aquagym Max Plunge™ is perfect for family fun and ideally suited for standing fitness and aquasize for those who want to keep fit or recover. If you want to swim, the Pro, Pro+ or Extreme could be better suited for you, depending on your swimming ability.

    No swim jets
    1 pump
    No Swim jets
    Aquagym Max Pro™

    Aquagym Max Pro™

    The Aquagym Max Pro™ is a step up from the Plunge with the added resistance of two powerful 150mm swim jets creating a current strong enough to swim, walk or jog against. This model is ideal for up to intermediate level swimming. More advanced swimmers may want to go for the Pro+ or Extreme models.

    2 swim jets
    2 pumps
    1,200 lpm
    2 Swim jets
    Aquagym Max Pro Plus™

    Aquagym Max Pro Plus™

    Powered by three pumps, the Pro+ adds another level of resistance to your workout with three 150mm swim jets to step up your training. This model is perfect for every swimmer from beginner up to advanced as well as water joggers and those using aquatic fitness.

    3 swim jets
    3 pumps
    1,800 lpm
    3 Swim jets
    Aquagym Max Extreme™

    Aquagym Max Extreme™

    The most powerful of the Aquagym Max™ models, the Extreme adds some serious resistance to your swim training regime with four swim jets for advanced fitness training.

    4 swim jets
    4 pumps
    2,400 lpm
    4 Swim jets

    Compare Aquagym Max™ depth

    The Aquagym Max™ swim spa is now available with extra depth. You can select the standard water depth of 1.3 metres or the 1.5 metre extra deep Hydrozone XD™ Swim Spa. Taller people or those who would like a deeper pool for swim or play, should seriously consider this option.

    Aquagym Max™ 1.3m

    Aquagym Max™ 1.3m

    The 1300mm deep model has the same seating configuration as the 1500mm deep XD model and boasts these advantages:

    Less water so it costs less to heat and maintain
    Lower price
    Easier Access
    1.3m deep
    Aquagym Max™ 1.5m

    Aquagym Max™ 1.5m

    The XD model has the same seating configuration as the 1300mm deep model but the 1500mm deep XD upgrade provides an added 200mm of of depth and is ideal for those who:

    Are above average in height and are an average to athletic swimmer
    Are above average height and are focused on vertical aquatic fitness
    Have children that love doing bombs
    1.5m deep

    Why Choose an Avanté Upgrade

    Upgrade to the Aquagym™ Swim Spa Avanté and take your spa experience to the next level with a range of features designed for added comfort and superior luxury. The Avanté model brings together a collection of Vortex™ Spas’ most popular upgrades which, when purchased together, offers significant savings.

    Aquagym Max™ Swim Spa Standard
    Aquagym Max™ Swim Spa Avanté
    If not 100% satisfied with your purchase, pay the return and we'll give your money back. Terms and conditions apply.
    You can replace many components on a spa, but not the shell. We've put our money where our mouth is. We stand behind every spa and swim spa we sell with our amazing 10 year shell warranty.
    Every Vortex Spa comes with a custom fitted, high density foam locking cover.
    The Water Clarifier uses ozone technology to oxidize and remove micro organics and metals that are smaller than 5 microns resulting in the clearest water available.
    This powerful LED flood light does the heavy lifting to illuminate your spa at night.
    This gives you total control from either inside or outside the spa. Turn your lights on/off, change colour and colour modes to fit your mood. Adjust the temperature to your desired comfort levels. Turn the jets or the air bubbles on/off to get the massage you desire.
    The UV-C technology found in the Purezone™ system is not new. In fact you will find it purifying drinking water and public swimming pools all around the world. However, Vortex Spas™ have pioneered it's use in spa pools. UV sterilization kills 99.9% of water borne viruses and bacteria, including the hard to reach Giardia and Cryptosporidium viruses.
    This dual layer insulation system ensures that not only the water in the spa is insulated, but also the water in the pipework. This option adds a higher level of heat retention than Vortex™ Spas' standard Thermolock™ Perimeter insulation.
    Hydroflow jets use bearing-less technology to make them the most advanced spa jet on the market.
    Chromotherapy uses colours to create an environment focused on health and harmony. Hydroglow™ backlit jets and topside control lighting provide an adjustable and variable Chromotherapy experience.
    The additional lighting to the water edge and functional outside lighting are included with the perimeter and cabinet lighting package. All lighting is customisable to suit your mood.
    Backlit drink holders are functional and beautiful. Illuminated drinks bring a special feel to night-time spas.
    They offer another level of aesthetic beauty. Working independently from the hydrotherapy jets they turn your spa into the perfect garden water feature.


    Detailed specifications for the Aquagym Max™ swim spa.
    Specification Sheet
    Jet Featured Image
    4.49 m
    2.31 m
    PlungeProPro PlusExtremePlunge XDPro XDPro Plus XDExtreme XD
    Dry weight 1000 kg 1058 kg 1105 kg 1150 kg085 kg 1135 kg1185 kg1215 kg
    Filled weight (including cover)7075 kg7133 kg7280 kg7325 kg8874 kg8924 kg8974 kg9004 kg
    Lift weight1550 kg1550 kg1550 kg1550 kg1650 kg1650 kg1650 kg1650 kg
    Intuitive spa controllerSV3SV3SV3SV4SV2SV3SV3SV4
    Programmable circulation pump11111111
    Jet pumps12341234
    Variable speed airblowerOptional111Optional111
    Variable output heater3kW6kW6kW6kW3kW6kW6kW6kW
    Electrical requirements32 amps32 amps32 amps40 amps15 amps32 amps32 amps40 amps
    Water capacity6136 litres6136 litres6136 litres6136 litres

    Jet Layout

    The Aquagym Max™ swim spa features a range of hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing massage and fitness training.
    Jet Featured Image

    Standard Jets

    Jet Icon
    4 x 150mm Swim Jets
    Jet Icon
    3 x 127mm Single Spinning Jetss
    Jet Icon
    2 x 127mm Directional Jets
    Jet Icon
    8 x 75mm Directional Jets
    Jet Icon
    10 x 75mm Single Spinning Jets
    Jet Icon
    16 x 50mm Twin Spinning Jets
    Jet Icon
    24 x 50mm Directional Jets
    Jet Icon
    14 x 40mm Air Jets

    Aquagym Max™

    Aquagym Max™ Extreme™ model shown.

    Jet Types

    Available jet types for this model.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    150mm Swim Jet

    The 150mm swim jets create a current strong enough to swim against. You can even personalise your work out by adjusting the pressure on each jet individually.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    127mm Single Spinning Jets

    This large single spinner gives a rotating massage effect similar to a masseuse using their thumb in a kneading fashion. They provide a very effective back massage.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    127mm Directional Jet

    The 127mm directional jets provide an intense, pressure point massage. These are particularly effective at treating knotted muscles in the back.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    75mm Directional Jet

    This style of directional jets gives a targeted but less intense pressure point massage. It's very effective for a more prolonged treatment of tired muscles.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    75mm Single Spinning Jet

    The 75mm single spinning jets offer a similar effect as the larger 127mm variety but given their smaller size, the kneading effect is lighter and more focused.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    50mm Twin Spinning Jet

    The 50mm twin spinner offers a pulsating massage effect ideally suited for neck and shoulder therapy or as part of a shiatsu style massages treatment when teamed with 50mm directional jets.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    50mm Directional Jet

    These jets are usually used in banks of 8 or more jets and are often coupled with 50mm twin spinners to give a shiatsu style pressure point massage therapy.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    40mm Air Jet

    As the name implies, the 40mm air jets emit an air stream as opposed to a water stream. These are almost always used under the legs and buttocks to provide a relaxing soft tissue massage treatment.



    The Vortex Spas™ range of spas is covered by comprehensive warranty agreements providing peace of mind when you purchase Vortex Spas™.

    Download Warranty
    lifetime warranty icon
    Lifetime Warranty

    Vortex Permaframe™ is guaranteed for life against a loss of structural integrity leading to the spa being inoperable.

    10 Year Non Pro rata Structural Warranty

    All Vortex Spas™ are offered with a 10 year 'non pro-rata' shell structure warranty. This means that if the spa's shell cracks resulting in water loss, for a period of 10 years, the spas shell shall be replaced.

    5 Year Non Pro rata Acrylic surface warranty

    All Vortex Spas™ are offered with a 5 year 'non pro-rata' acrylic surface warranty. This means that if the acrylic surface blisters resulting in water loss for a period of 5 years, the spa's shell shall be replaced.

    5 Year Plumbing, Heater & Jet Warranty

    The plumbing system of all Vortex Spas™ is warranted against leaking for 5 years. The heater and jets of all Vortex Spas™ are warranted against defects for a period of 5 years.

    2 Year Pump & Equipment Warranty

    The circulation pump, jet pump(s) and electronic control system of all Vortex Spas™ are warranted against defects for 2 years. *Please consult your local store for complete warranty details.


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    JetsUp to 81Up to 81Up to 59
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