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Single zone pools



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Entertain friends and family.

Your place will become 'the' place.

Vortex Swim Spas are the perfect centre point of any gathering. Keep adults and kids endlessly entertained in comfort and style.

The many features of our plunge pools & swimming pool spas

Hydroglow jet lighting system

Getting the mood right is as easy as selecting one of the 32 colour lighting options. Can't decide? Simply select a Vortex light transition. There is even our disco mode to really get the party going.

Integrated stereo

Our optional Hydrovibe stereo system allows you to play music from your mobile device. It includes our invisible transducer speaker technology which in simple terms turns your shell into a speaker. Included with the Hydrovibe stereo system is a powerful built in sub woofer which pumps out the bass you'll love.

Places for your drinks

All of our plunge pools and swimming pools have topside recesses to place your glasses and bottles. Our top of the line Hydrozone Swim Spa also has a built in chilly bin to keep your drinks cold during the long days of summer.

The perfect temperature, all year.

Affordable heated swimming in the comfort of your own home? We think so.

The benefits of swimming are well known, and at Vortex, we believe you should be able to do so all year. This is why we have designed our products from the ground up to be used all year.

Built for New Zealand extremes

They are built to withstand the extreme temperatures found right here in New Zealand which makes them a perfect match for your home.

Heated to your activity

Your swim spa can be heated to the temperature of your choice. If you're an active swimmer around 25 degrees. If you simply like to relax in the pool, 28-30 degrees is good.

Affordable heating

Many customers are choosing our swimming pool spas and plunge pools over a conventional options as heating a very large volume of water is expensive. Not only is there less water to heat, but when combined with our Vortex Hybrid Heat Pump it's the most cost effective heated swimming pool option.

Childs play, all day.

Gets the kids outside, keeps them outside.

Once you own a Vortex Swim Spa, it's not getting your kids outside that's the problem, it's getting them back inside that proves the greater challenge. Ask any family with one and they will tell you the kids absolutely LOVE THEM.

Designed with your family in mind

We put family with a firm focus on kids at the forefront of our mind when we set about designing New Zealand's biggest selling range of swim spas.

Built in water features

Playtime is maximised in a Vortex Swim Spa. Kids love swimming under the twin laminar water feature jets. Testing out their swimming skills against the constant swim current or turning the jets all one direction to get a whirlpool happening. However, it's often said the water disco light mode at night is the favourite Vortex Swim Spa feature of all.

Room for toys

No swimming pool experience would be complete without room for water toys. All Vortex Swim Spas are big enough for inflatable toys right up to a floating lounger. They are also deep enough for a water slide.

Electronic device free zone

We all know that kids like screen time. It's become the largest challenge of a family to manage. Many of our customers have commented that since owning a swim spa it has reduced the amount of screen time their kids want and increased their physical activity.

Your perfect training partner.

Train in the comfort of home.

Powerful Swim Jets

Our products come in three configurations: PLUNGE which has no swim jets, PRO with 2 powerful high flow swim jets and EXTREME with 4 powerful high flow swim jets moving up to a massive 2,400 litres of water per minute! If you are buying the swim spa for training then we recommend the Vortex Swim Spa EXTREME jet configuration to get maximum control.

Track your progress

The recent explosion of wearable health trackers has been the biggest advancement in health and fitness in decades. You can take advantage of this by recording tracking your distance and stroke count with a waterproof swim tracking wearable.

Heat to your level of comfort

We have all been there, training in a pool too hot or cold is not an enjoyable experience. One of our plunge pools or swimming spas will be your true training companion right down to your perfect swim temperature.

Relax and unwind.


We couldn't think of any other way to describe how good a Vortex Swim Spa feels! It's designed for relaxing and unwinding, being mindful or simply taking time out from your busy day.

Hydrotherapy massage

Every Vortex Swim Spa comes with our renowned hydrotherapy seats. Most have a full lay back lounger for the ultimate way to indulge. Why not, you deserve it.

Floating therapy

Not everything has to be about hydrotherapy massage, simply being still and floating in warm water is totally possible and completely addictive.

Device free quality time

TV, tablet, laptop, smartphone, smart watch etc etc - yes we get it!! Guarantee time together and completely alone by ending your day with a soak or swim; device free and totally carefree.

Single zone pools



from $17,999

Dual zone pools

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